Harborne is home to a diverse range of exceptional schools, ensuring access to quality education for residents. From well-established primary schools like Chad Vale, Harborne, and St. Mary's Catholic, to renowned secondary schools such as Blue Coat, Lordswood Girls', and Harborne Academy, students have access to a wide array of educational opportunities. The area also boasts esteemed institutions like King Edward VI Five Ways School and Birmingham Ormiston Academy (BOA) for specialized arts education. With a focus on academic excellence, supportive environments, and holistic development, Harborne's schools provide a solid foundation for students to thrive academically and personally.
See a list of notable schools below. Please note this list may not be exhaustive and information is provided without warranty.

  • Chad Vale Primary School: A vibrant and inclusive primary school focused on nurturing students' academic, social, and personal development.
  • Harborne Primary School: A well-established primary school known for its high academic standards, dedicated staff, and supportive learning environment.
  • St. Mary's Catholic Primary School: A respected Catholic primary school that provides a values-based education, fostering spiritual growth and academic achievement.
  • Norfolk House School: An independent primary school offering a nurturing and stimulating environment, with small class sizes and a broad curriculum.
  • Blue Coat School: A renowned secondary school with a rich history and tradition of academic excellence, offering a wide range of subjects and extracurricular activities.
  • Lordswood Girls' School: An all-girls secondary school that empowers young women through a holistic education, emphasizing academic success and personal growth.
  • Harborne Academy: A popular secondary school dedicated to providing a well-rounded education, focusing on academic achievement, personal development, and community engagement.
  • King Edward VI Five Ways School: A prestigious grammar school just outside of Harborne known for its academic rigor, offering a wide range of subjects and excellent opportunities for students' intellectual development.
  • Birmingham Ormiston Academy (BOA): Located just outside Harborne, BOA is a specialist academy focusing on the arts, providing students with exceptional training and education in creative disciplines.
  • Harborne Academy Sixth Form: An extension of Harborne Academy, offering post-16 education and a range of academic and vocational courses to prepare students for higher education or the workplace.
  • Harborne Primary School Nursery: A nursery attached to Harborne Primary School, providing early years education and childcare for children before they enter primary school.